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Transformed my brand into something
my high-end clients now adore…

“I run one of the premier skin care boutiques in New York City. For years, I had a ‘brand’ that was off the mark. I could never pinpoint what wasn’t right, just that it wasn’t. A friend introduced me to David Brier. David transformed my brand into something my high-end clients now adore. Even more impressive is his ability to get to the heart of the branding problem. The result was an 800% increase in new clients in three months and a 120% increase in revenue for the year.” Joanna Vargas, Joanna Vargas Salon

Our company grew around 307%…

“What’s the value of a seasoned eye with a proven track record? David spotted something that we’d overlooked in our sales cycle that was holding back our brand a lot. After that observation, with what David did to rebrand us, our company grew around 307% in three years. Our only regret was not meeting David sooner.” S.Y., Big Dot of Happiness

When we got onto the Inc 500 list…

“When Sunbelt Software started its marketing on a broad scale, who did we turn to? DBD International. After doubling our sales four years in a row, who did we recognize as an integral part of our success and growth? DBD International. When we got onto the Inc 500 list, which firm helped us achieve that? DBD International.

“So when someone asks me which single firm they should hire for their brand development, design and marketing needs, one firm comes to mind: DBD International.” S.S. Founder, Sunbelt Software

He’s the standard…

“David is not a master brand identity guru. He’s more than that. I’d say David Brier is the standard to which other branding professionals are compared.” M.M., Consultant

Want to know the next steps for your brand?

“Not only did Botanical Bakery get a new logo, and stellar packaging, the whole company got a first class education in branding, a sense of renewed purpose, and an energetic spirit that doesn’t wane. David is the perfect balance of a massively talented artist mixed with branding business prowess. We rebranded a year ago and during that time, sales have tripled, we have won numerous awards, been featured in books, blogs, magazines, The New York Times and our packaging was even on display in a gallery in Berlin as part of the World’s Best Packaging Art Exhibit. Now our work with David has shifted into building the brand awareness, making sure what we do is not ‘off brand’ and keeping us on track so that our brand doesn’t derail. Want to know the next steps for your brand? Then go — go now to see him.” S.W.Botanical Bakery

It really doesn’t matter what your brand is
if no one remembers it…

“David Brier knows what he’s talking about. But it really doesn’t matter what you know if you don’t know how to communicate it. David takes his branding expertise and explains, highlights, showcases what you can do to make yours pop. Because it really doesn’t matter what your brand is, if no one remembers it. David makes it his mission to make yours the one they remember.”
Roshini Rajkumar, Keynote Speaker, Radio Host, Communication Coach, Author of Communicate That!

A must-have for any professional
who has a brand…

“Having worked with David on the branding for a number of my companies over the last 20-plus years, I wanted to get my hands on David’s book. I just read (more accurately: experienced) Defying Gravity & Rising Above the Noise cover to cover. Twice. Powerful stuff and a must-have for any professional who has a brand, needs a brand or manages a brand!” B.W.,

I got much smarter after each of our discussions…

“While I don’t often put those two words together, I do when I think of David Brier. As a small business owner, I needed a smart business person to guide me through some basic branding tips and tricks. David Brier was introduced to me and I found I got much smarter after each of our discussions on how to improve my business and personal brand. I also learned his way is ‘the lazy way’ in case you want to shortcut your way to being a branding Jedi, because I got more from a few discussions than a truckload of books and courses.” M.A., Mercury Mosaics