“David Brier is brilliant with branding.”

Daymond John, CEO of FUBU, branding expert, investor and star on Shark Tank

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Social media won't save your brand if you have nothing to connect with. This was the core message in my Fast Company blog entitled, "Without the Right Message, Twitter is No Better Than Your Fax Machine." The message resonated with branding professionals, journalists and business owners alike getting retweeted over 1,300 times and getting onto LinkedIn Today's coveted front page addressing the most overlooked error businesses make when jumping on the social media bandwagon....MORE>>>

How to (Really) Absorb Information Like a Millionaire


You’ve got to love those articles that talk about the first thing millionaires do in the morning, what habits they have, what they eat first, what exercises they do, what things they avoid doing, etc. What if you could learn what to read, review and study every morning just like a millionaire or a billionaire?…

Branding the Beautiful Things in Life in 56 Seconds

“Elegance is refusal.” Coco Chanel Brands make a big mistake when starting out. Many brands or companies start out with a very specific offering, maybe one or two products or services. The problem arises when their brand (and its scope) outgrows their branding roots. It works like this: Eventually, the brand starts to grow. Or,…

How to Find Your Brand’s Untold Story: A Case Study

“The one who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been before.” Albert Einstein Authenticity. It’s best when it’s real. When reorienting a brand and clarifying their core reason for being, companies are too often…

10 Steps to Create a Killer Brand (from Instagram)

David Brier on Instagram

OK, I was late to the party. I didn’t start an Instagram account until August if I remember correctly, maybe even as late as October. It is there I share all things branding, food, coffee and chocolate. I try to keep it inspired. Having attracted almost 6,000 followers in that time, what I post seems…

How a Global Brand Restores Its Culture in 3 Minutes

Like Passion Itself

It was an innocent email I received. The email stated they’d seen my “What is Innovation” post and video on Fast Company and needed something equally inspiring for their staff. The company? The global leader in luxury skincare: La Prairie from Zurich, Switzerland, with 14 affiliates and represented in more than 90 countries worldwide. As…

New Video Reveals the Magic of Branding in 2 Minutes

For a subject like branding, I didn’t see this coming. I certainly didn’t see this going viral (though I secretly hoped it would, like anybody who buys a lottery ticket hopes their ticket is the winning one). Yet, in 23 days after being uploaded to YouTube, this video was: Featured on DesignTaxi (“Minimalist Video Offers…

How I Saved a Client (and Their Brand) $4.5 million

In the last 10 days, one client approved and aired a very smart “Super Bowl” ad and got covered by Forbes and Huffington Post. Here’s what I learned along the way and the 3 very important branding lessons every brand should know. Here’s the play-by-play: It was Sunday night, one week before the Super Bowl.…