“David Brier is brilliant with branding.”

Daymond John, CEO of FUBU, branding expert, investor and star on Shark Tank

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Social media won't save your brand if you have nothing to connect with. This was the core message in my Fast Company blog entitled, "Without the Right Message, Twitter is No Better Than Your Fax Machine." The message resonated with branding professionals, journalists and business owners alike getting retweeted over 1,300 times and getting onto LinkedIn Today's coveted front page addressing the most overlooked error businesses make when jumping on the social media bandwagon....MORE>>>

How Good Design is Like Underwear: It Supports Without Constricting


Finally, a video (shown below) that answers that age-old question, “How is Design Like Underwear?” Good design and branding (as well as social media and user experiences) do their job best when they fulfill their roles without calling attention to themselves, just like good underwear. Not Too Tight. Not Too Loose. Answer these questions: Ever […]

Is Your Brand a Roach Motel? (Brand Failures Explained)

Is that a burger in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

“Money goes in but it never comes out….” That was uttered by Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary from Shark Tank speaking about a pitch which had brand failure written all over it. I’ve got to say, when he’s not eschewing his “tough love” negotiations, Kevin has some very good one-liners. Is Your Brand Infested? Brand strategies […]

The Power of Words: Robin Williams R.I.P.

Robin Williams R.I.P.

Robin Williams was a master of the spoken word, taking unlikely words/meanings/concepts and pairing them together to unleash new views and ideas to inspire and amuse us all. With his recent passing, I was, like many, shocked by his sudden death and the cultural hole he left behind. So it seemed entirely appropriate to have […]

Which of These 9 Misfires is Holding Your Brand Down?

Woman suffering from the wrong branding decision

Sir Richard Branson is someone who knows a thing or two about elevating a brand and rising above the noise. In his own words, he wrote, “The key to generating loyalty and rising above the general noise seems to be all about creating an authentic voice.” Brand Elevation and Rising Above the Noise There are […]

The Power of Words: Part 12 (Two Amazing Videos)

When did Typography Get Sexy? Who would watch a paper-letter animation video about the history of fonts and typography? Well, over 840,000 people. Not only that, over 17,990 viewers “liked” it. It’s the product of a talented young designer from Canada named Ben Barrett-Forrest. The video is made up of: 291 Paper Letters 2,454 Photographs, […]

How to (Finally) Capture Your Customer’s Attention

“If you’re trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language, the language they use every day, the language in which they think.” David Ogilvy, the Father of Advertising ___________________________________ If you’ve ever sought out how to get your customer’s attention only to have the […]

What Helped This Napa Valley Rebel Break Tradition (and Triple Sales)?

Marketing Rebel Branding: Botanical Bakery Package Design

To adhere to convention or to boldly go against tradition? That was the question facing this Napa Valley startup. Since their rebrand two years ago, Botanical Bakery has seen sales triple each year. That’s 3Xing of sales the first year after the rebrand and 3Xing that again the second year. Whoa. That killer sales trend is […]