What’s Killing Your Brand? 33,995 Reasons to Find Out Now

The Death a of a BrandIn a video I recently saw by James Wedmore, he reported that every single minute, there are:

  • 2.8 million videos viewed on YouTube
  • 277,000 logins on Facebook
  • 100,000 tweets sent on Twitter
  • 100 new accounts created on LinkedIn

On top of that, there’s a reported 550,000 new businesses started in the US alone, each and every month.

You’d think those might be the barriers to gaining attention in today’s marketplace, online or offline, as in, “How can one possibly compete in this much noise and competition?”

But you can’t do anything about how many views, tweets, etc., can you? So maybe that’s not the direction of attack for us to locate the culprit holding back your brand.

Killing Your Brand Softly

(Or, Eliminating the #1 Killer of Your Brand)

Every now and again, I run into somebody who has not seen my online presentation, “What’s Killing Your Brand? (And How To Kill It Before It Kills You).” After all, it’s free. It’s insightful. And it opens people’s eyes.

Besides, 33,995 other professionals (now 35,156 since publishing this post 5 days ago) from around the globe have viewed it finding out the #1 killer of brands — the thing that kills more brands faster than a roomful of politicians. It was even the topic of one of my Fast Company blog posts.

It was released about 2 years ago on Slideshare, in the midst of social media-mania, before terms like “content marketing strategy” were common and at the top of everyone’s to-do list. But little has changed these universal truths. In other words, we can solve this crime and locate “the brand killer” and where it hides out.

Becoming the Hunter, Not the Hunted

If you’re one of the few who missed it, I present it here for your enjoyment, education and insight. A lot of additional examples have surfaced since which I could add to it (which you’ll find on this site in separate posts, most notably, my infamous Best Buy article on Fast Company), but this is what was true a couple of years ago and the basic truths it contained haven’t changed a bit.

So enjoy this and if you’re brand is being killed and you don’t know what to do, let’s talk.

Use the forward and backward controls immediately above to see the entire presentation. (You can also do the same with clicking on the right-hand side of the slide and left-hand side of the slide.)

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