"David Brier is the standard..."
"David is not a master brand identity guru. He's more than that. I'd say David Brier is the standard to which other branding professionals are compared."
Murray Marvin, Consultant
"Understand the true power of a brand..."
"Any executive, regardless of discipline, can use this book to engage the entire leadership team in defining what the enterprise truly stands for and how to rise above the noise. Even a 'geek' like me gets it!

If you want to understand the true power of 'the brand' and what it means to the future success of your organization, read this book."
M.B., Former IT Director, Mystic Lake Casino Hotel

Here's what The Daily Flip says about the book!

Why does one brand make it and another fail?

Why do seemingly "impossible" brands take off, achieving
unprecedented success?

Are there specific branding strategies to take when
launching a new product?

How do "inferior" brands outperform "superior" brands?

What is the one thing you never do in branding?

Branding is highly competitive—some consider it an extreme sport. It is also grossly misunderstood.

Used correctly, you can navigate your brand to rise above the noise. As written in the introduction to this book, "So it intrigued me when an interesting point arose during a recent discussion: What if you've succeeded in achieving some degree of brand elevation? How do you maintain it? How do you stay aloft? And, are there exact strategic steps you can take to achieve sustained brand flight and elevation?"

With all the hoopla on branding, plus all the costly mistakes most companies make for what they think is branding, it was time a book was written, on what it really takes to get a leg up on the competition, achieve brand elevation and sustain it.

As unique as the book itself, the "package" had to live up to the principles outlined in the book.
The special editions that stand on their own.
Donald Trump's Book
Donald Trump's Book
Steve Jobs' Book
Steve Jobs' Book
Roger Martin's Book
Roger Martin's Book
The special limited-edition book we sent to Donald Trump was made with nickel-based brown granite legs. The one sent to Steve Jobs was made using brushed aluminum legs that emulated the titanium finish of Apple's laptops. The version we sent to Roger Martin of Rotman University has art deco nickel legs.
"Must-have for any professional who has a brand..."
"Having worked with David on the branding for a number of my companies over the last 20-plus years, I wanted to get my hands on David's book. I just read (more accurately: experienced) Defying Gravity cover to cover. Twice. Powerful stuff and must-have for any professional who has a brand, needs a brand or manages a brand."
Brad Wendkos, Truefire.com
"Defying Gravity and Rising Above the Noise" is written without "brand speak" in easy-to-understand language with even easier-to-understand examples, shown in full-color between its linen covers. These special hardcover books sit on their own four legs, flaunting their gravity defying independence while proving you don't need a coffee table when you can be a coffee table.

And while you usually can't judge a book by its cover, this just may be the exception. Shown below is the Business Edition now available.

rising Above the Noise
"One of the best branding minds and talents in business today..."
"Knowing the brands he has helped create which can be seen practically anywhere you look, I was determined to have David help me overhaul my salons brand located in the most competitive city in the world. The way David Brier worked with me and embraced my project, I felt like my brand was the most important brand in the world and got a close and behind-the-scene look at why he's considered one of the best branding minds and talents in business today. David didn't just help our brand evolution, he initiated what is factually our brands revolution."
Joanna Vargas, NYC celebrity skin care specialist

From the Introduction:

Why This Book was Written

Have you ever admired something that seems extraordinary and wondered, "Why is that so great?" and "What makes that stand out so much more than other stuff I see, hear or experience?"

Candidly, that's what I've done most of my life—starting with art, then design, expanding into music, food, architecture, words and more: I have always wanted to know what made one thing OK, another really cool and yet another, on a whole new scale, breathtaking and simply amazing.

Since growing up in my native New York City, I've spent much of the last 25 years helping companies present themselves to the world with the goal of rising to this level of "simply amazing" in their respective marketplaces. I've been fortunate enough to have had more than my fair share of clients who shared this goal with me, and so allowed the result to have that air about it that seems to defy gravity.

So it intrigued me when an interesting point arose during a recent discussion: What if you've succeeded in achieving some degree of brand elevation? How do you maintain it? How do you stay aloft? And, are there exact strategic steps you can take to achieve sustained brand flight and elevation?

After working over the last quarter of a century on nearly every aspect of branding—for industries as divergent as cosmetics, holistic foods and ice products to chocolates, coffees and cocoa mixes—I've learned key lessons that I've passed along to many clients: essentially, what to do and what not to do. This book summarizes and, by example, covers the eight underlying principles that make true branding possible.

Our purpose is to help our clients' brands defy gravity and rise above the noise. We are not in the business of making things look prettier, seem more trendy, or of designing solutions that are merely cosmetically improved. Our firm and our clients—by working together and by intelligently applying the above purpose—bring into being a formidable force against anything adventurous enough to stand in our way.

This book outlines projects showing how we've applied these principles to help our clients experience unprecedented growth, expand to their greatest hopes or to revive an ailing brand with renewed meaning and success. After reading a great many books on branding, I thought it was time for a book that not only talked about it but also showed the actual use of those branding concepts in practice. I hope this will be as useful to you as it has been for our clients.

Looking is one thing. Seeing is another. These principles help you do both.

David Brier

About the author:

Born in Brooklyn, New York, David Brier is the president and creative director of DBD International, Ltd. David Brier has over the course of nearly three decades received over 300 industry awards producing work for national and international companies as well as regional and local companies and projects. As an alumni of the renowned School of Visual Arts in New York City, his work, and the work of DBD International, can be seen in retail, non-profit and business-to-business applications helping those organizations outshine and out-elevate their competition. Among DBD's client list are Big Dot of Happiness, Estée Lauder, Feldman Mall Properties, cellist Eugene Friesen, Jim Henson Associates, Loehmann's, Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts, National Cooperative Grocers Association, New York Times Sunday Magazine, Revlon, Rolling Stone magazine, Tower Realty Trust and Wells Fargo among others.

This book captures the spirit of his firm, showing over 100 visual examples in full color for a wide and divergent client base (from technology, cosmetics and entertainment to real estate, gourmet chocolate and a concept burger joint) with candid insights that cut through "brand speak" to offer real, useful advice. The examples in this book illustrate how DBD International, true to this spirit, has applied the principles outlined herein—combining intelligence, wit and the power of design—to achieve extraordinary results for their clients.

What clients say about DBD International:

"When Sunbelt Software started its marketing on a broad scale, who did we turn to? DBD International. After doubling our sales four years in a row who did we recognize as an integral part of our success and growth? DBD International. When we got onto the INC. 500 list, which firm helped us achieve that status? DBD International.

"So when someone asks me which single firm they should hire for their brand development, design and marketing needs, one firm comes to mind: DBD International."
S.S. - Founder, Sunbelt Software

"We are constantly striving to develop and deliver communication pieces that differentiate us in the marketplace. Both internal and external marketing pieces have been delivered by DBD International. Their ingenuity, discipline and fresh approach have provided us with years of output that has professionally and creatively met the needs of our ever-changing marketplace."
L.C. - VP Marketing International Group, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

"UNSTOPPABLE. It's the only word I have to describe DBD's insatiable urge to do great work. They're the only design firm I now use to bring my musical vision to life. Period."
Eugene Friesen - Grammy Award-winning Cellist

"I don't know of any community that has worked so quickly and surely to plumb their own identity for the 21st century. That's what you have done. I applaud you."
Lt. Governor Barbara Lawton of Wisconsin
on DBD's branding of the Dunn County Artists Tour

"DBD rocks. To express how good they are would require words they probably couldn't publish. I love DBD's work. They inject energy, intelligence and brilliant design into every project we work on."
P.K. - President, El Paso Chile Company

DBD International, Ltd.
406 Technology Drive West, Menomonie, WI 54751 USA

Projects can be seen at: http://www.risingabovethenoise.com/

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