The Power of Words, Part 7 (And how a 10-year-old saved the world)

Kid President and His YouTube Pep TalkLess than nine months ago, something unprecedented occurred.

It was a simple video. With a simple message. Delivered by a 9-year-old boy with a remarkable (and awesome) spirit.

Twenty-eight-million+ views later, this young lad (now 10-years old) has become an international source of inspiration to millions. (I know I’ve watched it at least 8 times and shared it with lots of friends.)

Now 10 years old, he recently delivered this message in the form of a new poem (The video is embedded below and thanks to Soul Pancake for recognizing his magic):

“The world can be better (in spite of its flaws),
The world can be better and you’ll be the cause.” 

Kid President in his recent YouTube Video -- Thanks Soul Pancake!

Is Your Brand “Speaking”
Without Saying a Word?

What’s going on here? Why can a 9-year-old and his brother-in-law craft a message that connects when bigger companies or organizations with bigger budgets can’t deliver this much authenticity and resonance?

(For those new to this series on “The Power of Words,” this started out as a one-off blog post. It’s popularity grew so I posted more inspirations. As a result, this series on the power of words has grown into numerous installations over the last year. Here are the links:

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Why am I writing about words in this blog devoted to branding, design, packaging and rebrands? Because it’s words that deliver those brand messages that stick: Just do it. Think different. And others.

Well, the overriding message from this young lad (aka Kid President) is “Let’s make the world awesome.”

It works because it’s 1) simple and 2) inclusive. It’s cheering on each of us to reach in and unleash that inner goodness. That is in itself awesome. And Kid President’s message and delivery is infectious in his own playful examples: dancing is awesome; pizza is awesome; dancing pizza is awesome, etc.

You. Yes, you.

Look at the last thing that inspired you and it was one of two things: Actions or Words.

You either saw somebody do something that inspired you to strive to a whole new level or it was something that you read or heard that opened a new way of thinking resulting in a better way to cause things, get things done and help others.


And today I am talking about words since they are one of the best (and overlooked) tools of branding.

How do I use words?

  • To craft awesome headlines
  • To invent distinctive, gravity-defying company/product names
  • To develop memorable tag lines
  • To write engaging scripts for videos that educate, inform and engage viewers
  • To embody an attitude for an exact audience
  • To make them convey a concept and look good and look better.

And this is how a 10-year-old uses words to inspire people with his most recent video (I have a question for you and your brand below):

Going from Good to Great

If you are not convinced about the power of words by now, I must request you check out all of the previous Power of Words posts cited above.

If that doesn’t do it, we are obviously not “speaking the same language.”

But presuming you and I are on the same page, I have these questions to ask:

  • What words is your brand known by?
  • Is your brand message and how it presents itself a reflection of those words?
  • Are the messages themselves an embodiment of the words your brand stands for?

Answer those questions well and your brand will very soon speak for itself.


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