The Power of Words, Part 3 (Holiday Edition)

In March, I posted the first Power of Words post which drew a remarkable range of cheers across the globe with a video that relayed a beautiful universal message.

Then in September, I posted the Power of Words, Part 2 featuring a brilliant and poignant video that uses a “poem” delivered by Taylor Mali to deliver his passion, insight, intelligence and wisdom — which always leave me speechless. In this post, I wrote:

Stop blaming words. That just doesn’t fly anymore.

Words aren’t to blame for a failure to communicate, any more than the sneakers in an Olympic marathon caused the runner to win or lose. Or the bat caused the winning home run. No. It’s how the originator of those words uses them which gives them power — or leaves them as ineffective as a Speedo on a Sumo wrestler. It’s how they’re used or how they’re shown.

Those two posts received some fantastic accolades, reminding people of the beauty and power of words. I was simply the messenger, lucky for having come across those.

The Power of Words, Just in Time for the Holidays

Today, while driving home from work, I was reminded of a story that paints one of the most intimate and stirring stories I had ever listened to. It’s a story that begins with a man taking a train ride home during the winter season.

I hunted and found online the video where this story is performed by the authors of this story, the remarkable storytelling group, Celestial Navigations. I was instantly reminded of the power this group delivers in its stories and performances.

Close Your Eyes and Open Your Mind

Now, you can play the video below and view it or you can hit “play,” close your eyes and embrace the images this story inevitably evokes. Either way, the ride that this train story takes you on will remind you of the real meaning of the holidays.

Wishing you, your family and your associates the very best holiday wishes and a spectacular New Year.


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