The Holiday Home Video Jimmy Fallon Made for Me

Jimmy Fallon on David Brier's daytime showJimmy Fallon is funny. His interviewing style resembles a kid who’s finally been sent on a road trip with their favorite lifelong hero, celebrity or screen crush.

But it’s his musical mischievousness that keeps me entertained.

And this holiday season, Jimmy sent me a home video he made with his band. I love how fun and innocent the video is. He even invited Mariah Carey to sit in. How generous to include her.

Do it now.

Ask for forgiveness later.

Jimmy, I don’t know why you posted this on YouTube first. Maybe to share with other people to enjoy? (Though it would’ve been nice to have been emailed it first.)

And then you added that shameless self-promo thing at the end promoting your own show. A little commercial for my taste, but whatever…

Either way, thanks Jimmy. I know you made it for me.

But next time, just pop me me an email first.

(P.S. My favorite part is the 4 kids in the front who keep popping up to sing their parts, especially the little girl second to the left…)

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