For Business Owners: Times When You’ve Won

Business Owner's checklistIn our ever-changing world, I deal with business owners, CEOs and entrepreneurs of all sorts. I find each of them is tempted to try the latest new business tool.

I’ve seen too many, with all of these distractions and messages, lose sight of some key fundamentals which I’ve noted below.

Where Greatness Starts

Here are some key viewpoints I use to help me stay focused on the stuff that works:

Anything that lessens your expansion and your desire for greatness is not your friend, no matter how “logical” it may seem. This applies as much to “helpful people” as it does to “logical ideas” that suck the life out of you.

If it doesn’t empower your aspirations, then there’s something wrong with that idea (or person) and not something wrong with you. There’s never been anything wrong with reaching.

Besides, mediocrity isn’t a goal. It’s a compromise. And mediocrity never inspired anybody.

The only one who comes out ahead in this scenario is whoever is promoting such ideas that results in any of us reaching for smaller dreams, striving for lesser goals and settling for something “more comfortable.”

I once wrote in my Fast Company column these additional points:

Peace is only a problem to those who want war. 

Your prosperity is only a conflict for those who profit from your failure. 

Love is only a problem to those who hate.

You “giving up” is an accomplishment only to those who gain from your demise.

Remembering How to Dream Big

Look back at times when you’ve won. In business. In art. In sports. In any part of life. You  felt big. Unstoppable. A force to be reckoned with.

I would venture a guess than any time you were outgoing and courageous like that, you felt bigger than the goal you were going after (or at least it didn’t seem so big, so you didn’t back down).

All of which brings me to this: You’re an important part of and likely the most vital factor in your success, not circumstances, not fate.

So, dream big. Execute bigger. And never lose sight of you.


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