Best Slideshare presentation of 2014

Slideshare’s Best Business Presentation of 2014?

by davidbrier December 31, 2013 inspiration

The audacity! The presumption of greatness! And it’s still the last day of 2013…. If you innovate, this new presentation is for you. If you do anything creative in business or life, this is for you. If you stray from the well-worn paths of predictable mediocrity, this is for you. A Blaze of Slideshare Glory…

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Blake Shelton on the Voice

“Too Much Icing, Not Enough Cake” (The Voice’s Blake Shelton on Logo Design)

by davidbrier October 28, 2013 inspiration

An Oklahoma country star offering logo design advice? I didn’t think it was possible either. Logo design has become a diluted exercise that’s become dumbed down to choosing somebody’s idea of the font-du-jour and choosing a design direction based on a path of least resistance, commonly in response to a “marketing committee” so it’s not…

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Typographic bliss, chocolate obsession and Cramael goodness

Chocolate Sauce on a Balmy Night in a Dimly Lit Cafe

by davidbrier March 29, 2013 inspiration

A tale of 2 letters and 4 plates and what can happen when nobody is looking. I love friends. I love chocolate. I love lettering. So, last weekend, with a dear friend of mine (whose initials are MB), I went for an after-event snack. Chocolate Abandon Naively, the waiters left on the table some caramel…

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The TRain upon we each ride...

The Power of Words, Part 3 (Holiday Edition)

by davidbrier December 19, 2012 inspiration

In March, I posted the first Power of Words post which drew a remarkable range of cheers across the globe with a video that relayed a beautiful universal message. Then in September, I posted the Power of Words, Part 2 featuring a brilliant and poignant video that uses a “poem” delivered by Taylor Mali to…

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Jimmy Fallon in a miniature size for easy storage

The Holiday Home Video Jimmy Fallon Made for Me

by davidbrier December 19, 2012 inspiration

Jimmy Fallon is funny. His interviewing style resembles a kid who’s finally been sent on a road trip with their favorite lifelong hero, celebrity or screen crush. But it’s his musical mischievousness that keeps me entertained. And this holiday season, Jimmy sent me a home video he made with his band. I love how fun…

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Chocolate porn (or 50 Ways to leave your lover for a good piece... of chocolate)

Another Shameless Chocolate Adventure (with a Confession)

by davidbrier November 19, 2012 inspiration

Chocolate and branding. They’re my drugs of choice. It’s an obsession, like “50 Shades of Brown”…. So when I go to a city that I’ve not been to before, I find the best chocolatier in town. This past weekend was Portland, Oregon. Lovely city. Made only more lovely by this one purveyor of chocolate: Cacao.…

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A tip for business owners

For Business Owners: Times When You’ve Won

by davidbrier November 11, 2012 inspiration

In our ever-changing world, I deal with business owners, CEOs and entrepreneurs of all sorts. I find each of them is tempted to try the latest new business tool. I’ve seen too many, with all of these distractions and messages, lose sight of some key fundamentals which I’ve noted below. Where Greatness Starts Here are…

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Brad Pitt on the Future of Branding

What the Brad Pitt Commercial Failed to Mention

by davidbrier October 25, 2012 inspiration

Brad Pitt’s TV commercial for Chanel No. 5 has created quite a stir. Ad Age wrote about it and Saturday Night Live did a series of spoofs that echoed this ad’s ambiance for the famous fragrance. Journey. Fate. Passion. These very meaningfully stated words have left too many in a daze of… something reminiscent of…

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Steve Jobs and The Beatles and Courage

The Secret CEO Technique To Repel Stupid Brand Mistakes

by davidbrier August 16, 2012 inspiration

Branding mistakes are awful. Some are worse than others and hard to live with. The Beatles, Western Union and Steve Jobs The famous guy who said “No” to signing on The Beatles since “guitar music was on its way out,” well, that was a bad one. (Thankfully, The Beatles knew to say “No” to such…

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Albert Einstein on Love, Branding and the Single Brand

Albert Einstein (and Other Marketing Geniuses) on Love, Giants and the Single Brand

by davidbrier June 24, 2012 inspiration

A marketing genius once said: “Rules enable one to follow. Knowledge enables one to lead.” Genius Doesn’t Happen By Accident Fact is, not all ideas are created equal. Not by a long shot. I determine if an idea is valuable by a few criteria: Does it help isolate the correct target? Or does it disperse…

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Thumbnail image for The Power of Words

The Power of Words

by davidbrier March 8, 2012 inspiration

Clients and colleagues know my love affair with the English language. Powerful concepts draped in flowing words leave readers enraptured. In this case, over 14,119,940 have viewed and been moved by this short, remarkable video. So you would figure a blog post entitled, “The Power of Words” would inspire me to write a lot about…

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