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Branding and Package Design That Goes Viral

This Last Step That Helps Brands Go Insanely Viral

by davidbrier October 12, 2014 case study

“90% of branding that is not effective suffers from one of three problems, and nearly 100% of brands miss this last step of branding.” Very simply, brands should, and deserve to, grow. Going Viral in Real Life: A 300% Jump in Sales is Hard to Ignore I first noticed a pattern when I’d completed the…

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The Burger That Slayed Sacred Branding Cows

Is Your Brand a Roach Motel? (Brand Failures Explained)

by davidbrier August 18, 2014 case study

“Money goes in but it never comes out….” That was uttered by Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary from Shark Tank speaking about a pitch which had brand failure written all over it. I’ve got to say, when he’s not eschewing his “tough love” negotiations, Kevin has some very good one-liners. Is Your Brand Infested? Brand strategies…

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Athlete Marketing and Branding

How to (Finally) Capture Your Customer’s Attention

by davidbrier July 30, 2014 case study

“If you’re trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language, the language they use every day, the language in which they think.” David Ogilvy, the Father of Advertising ___________________________________ If you’ve ever sought out how to get your customer’s attention only to have the…

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Branding Nike Style

27 Years at Nike: “What I Learned about Branding”

by davidbrier May 6, 2014 case study

“Our job is to wake up the consumers. If we become predictable, that’s not waking them up.” Phil Knight, Nike founder How much of an advantage would working at Nike give you in future endeavors? How much more insight to grow a brand? Or create the next great startup? Over a more-than-25 year career at…

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Package Design and Brand Identity

Go Big or Go Home: How One Product Launch Nailed It

by davidbrier October 6, 2013 case study

The room was dimly lit, the air thick with tension. The CEO put down his coffee. Slowly. Deliberately. His eyes never leaving his cup. “Will this strategy guarantee us a prosperous future, diluting the strength of our competitors?” “No. This strategy will simply do one thing: guarantee you have any future at all.” That’s exactly…

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Jesse Desjardins from Sydney, Australia, and his Slideshare presentation

The Power of Words, Part 4

by davidbrier February 8, 2013 case study

They sell. They alienate. They make friends. They anger enemies. They make some homeless. They make others millionaires. That’s the power of words. “Hey moron!” Insulting. But those words did get your attention. “I love you.” Aaaaah… The most powerful language trio ever to perform on the stage called life. The Right Words Sell. A…

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Anne Hathaway and the Oscars and Branding

The Oscars, Anne Hathaway, Prom Night Disasters and Your Brand

by davidbrier January 30, 2013 case study

There are so many awesome products out there waiting to get noticed. With so many small businesses and a dream, few ever graduate to become a true successful brand (or rise to the level of Anne Hathaway, more on that below). Yet, like so many prom dates gone wrong, it was left standing there, waiting…

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Fancy Food Show in a box

Chocolate Makeover at the Fancy Food Show

by davidbrier January 23, 2013 case study

The Winter Fancy Food Show has been on full display this week. Per their own site, “17,000+ Winter Fancy Food Show attendees discover more than 80,000 products featuring the world’s finest foods and beverages from more than 1,300 exhibitors representing 35+ countries.” Whoa. And one of the most competitive and shameless categories is chocolate. (And…

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Thumbnail image for Do Not View (Unless You Have a Chocolate Fix Nearby)

Do Not View (Unless You Have a Chocolate Fix Nearby)

by davidbrier May 18, 2012 case study

Chocolate can be wonderful. Really. But with all the decades of chocolate marketing, how do you attempt to rise above the noise? Only options: Add to the noise, or rise above it. There was no option, so I packed my parachute, got on my goggles and prepared myself for some serious brand elevation. That was…

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