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Kim Kardashian's Bust Brands Itself

The Naked Truth: The Branding Lesson Kim Kardashian Didn’t Learn

by davidbrier November 16, 2014 brand strategy

Kim Kardashian. Her name alone conjures up images of very inflated portions of the female anatomy, something that became yet one more Internet phenomena recently with the PAPER magazine and Kim’s nudity. Kim, Leaving Something to the Imagination is an Art I am all for playing with the imagination of the shopper. But it takes…

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Branding and Naming

Hello, My Name is… (You Really Won’t Believe What I Texted at 4:17am)

by davidbrier June 1, 2014 brand strategy

Seth Godin on naming: “Innovation involves making something that hasn’t been made before, and one way to signal that you’re doing something new is to give it a new name. But often, the new name gets in the way of people experiencing what you have to offer.” The other night, a friend (a fellow music…

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Small Business Ideas and What Stops Them from Ever Taking Off

The Small Business Growth Killer

by davidbrier January 6, 2013 brand strategy

You knock yourself out to close that client. They close. You’re pumped. Yet, once the project ends, you never hear from them again. So you rinse and repeat: Close. Deliver. Sell more. Month after month. Year after year. Never gaining the traction or brand recognition you rightfully deserve. There are various possible scenarios why. But…

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The Fiscal Cliff and Branding

Is Your Brand Set Up To Avoid Its Own Fiscal Cliff?

by davidbrier December 25, 2012 brand strategy

I was reading a good article in the Huffington Post that explains in understandable English what’s meant by the term “fiscal cliff.” It is explained this way: “This whole situation is the result of an ongoing fight in Washington over how to improve the economy (in the short term) and bring down the national debt…

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Google on Social Media and Branding

Social Media vs. Branding: Which One’s Losing and Why?

by davidbrier October 13, 2012 brand strategy

“We’re here tonight with two world-class opponents. “In this corner is the current champion, Social Media, the reigning and defending Champion holding the professional world record for endless wins (and numerous controversial losses) standing at 6-feet-2-inches tall, weighing in at 225 pounds. The Challenger and former World Champion is Branding from the East Coast, standing…

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Thumbnail image for The Great Divide: Why Does One Brand Win and Another Fail?

The Great Divide: Why Does One Brand Win and Another Fail?

by davidbrier May 27, 2012 brand strategy

“A great brand is a necessity, not a luxury,” stated Scott Bedbury, the brand guru whose work with Nike and Starbucks is legendary. Brands need to—and must—thrive. If for no other reason than it’s the proper reward for when a brand is done well. That reward comes in the form of loyalty, sales, growth, good…

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