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How to (Really) Absorb Information Like a Millionaire

by davidbrier May 13, 2015 a rising above the noise exclusive

You’ve got to love those articles that talk about the first thing millionaires do in the morning, what habits they have, what they eat first, what exercises they do, what things they avoid doing, etc. What if you could learn what to read, review and study every morning just like a millionaire or a billionaire?…

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The Beautiful Things in Life

Branding the Beautiful Things in Life in 56 Seconds

by davidbrier April 19, 2015 a rising above the noise exclusive

“Elegance is refusal.” Coco Chanel Brands make a big mistake when starting out. Many brands or companies start out with a very specific offering, maybe one or two products or services. The problem arises when their brand (and its scope) outgrows their branding roots. It works like this: Eventually, the brand starts to grow. Or,…

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American Dance Institute Branding

How to Find Your Brand’s Untold Story: A Case Study

by davidbrier March 25, 2015 a rising above the noise exclusive

“The one who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been before.” Albert Einstein Authenticity. It’s best when it’s real. When reorienting a brand and clarifying their core reason for being, companies are too often…

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David Brier on Instagram

10 Steps to Create a Killer Brand (from Instagram)

by davidbrier March 23, 2015 a rising above the noise exclusive

OK, I was late to the party. I didn’t start an Instagram account until August if I remember correctly, maybe even as late as October. It is there I share all things branding, food, coffee and chocolate. I try to keep it inspired. Having attracted almost 6,000 followers in that time, what I post seems…

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3 most powerful words in branding

The 3 Most Powerful Words Every Brand Needs

by davidbrier January 25, 2015 a rising above the noise exclusive

In life (as distinct from branding), the three most used and most powerful words are, “I love you.” Together, they are definitive. Unambiguous. Powerful. (These three words, like The Beatles, are most effective when united.) So what about your brand? Do clients feel that strongly about your brand? Or is it a little diluted, falling…

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NYC photographer rises above the noise

How a NYC Photographer Elevated his Brand

by davidbrier January 20, 2015 a rising above the noise exclusive

A NYC Photographer Masters Brand Elevation Erick “Hercules” Urgiles is a NY-based photographer who has worked with such diverse clients as music legend Johnny Mathis to Mercedes Benz to songwriter Jason Mraz. Breaking up his work assignments, Erick has had a fascination with gravity, more factually, defying gravity as part of a series of photos…

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Happy New Year 2015 Inspired by the Beatles

And in the End… Happy New Year

by davidbrier December 24, 2014 a rising above the noise exclusive

“And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make….” What could one do to follow “My Holiday Elfie”? The Fab Four and Abbey Road. The ultimate inspiration. Happy New Year. Abbey Road photo credit: Claudio Divizia / Shutterstock.com

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The Holiday Elfie (The Selfie Reinvented)

My Holiday “Elfie” (The Selfie Reinvented)

by davidbrier December 14, 2014 a rising above the noise exclusive

A selfie? That’s so 2014… now, it’s the Elfie. I wanted to do something a bit more personal for this year and had a shot taken in the nerve center of DBD International where so much happens. This shot captured the spirit but calling it a selfie was so… wrong. So, I decided it was…

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How to brand water revealed

Revival of the Fittest (Brand New Video)

by davidbrier September 16, 2014 a rising above the noise exclusive

“My attitude is that if you push me towards something that you think is a weakness, then I will turn that perceived weakness into a strength.” Michael Jordan Athletes are survivors. They tend to be the fittest. But how do you speak to them? That was the challenge I was faced with…. This dictated the…

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9/11 New York City Tribute

A Breathtaking Short Video on 9/11 Honors New Yorkers

by davidbrier September 11, 2014 a rising above the noise exclusive

It’s called “Breathe.” A new short video by Gary Ravenscroft. Growing up in New York City (Brooklyn, then Queens, then Long Island and Finally Manhattan), there is one quality I associate with NYC: Resilience. That “we-won’t take-sh*t-from-anyone” attitude which is a great quality [for anyone who’s in your corner] to have). It was this quality…

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The Lucky Brand free eBook

“Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?”

by davidbrier May 17, 2014 a rising above the noise exclusive

“I know what you’re thinking. ‘Did he fire six shots or only five?’ Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask…

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The Oscars and the brand

The Oscars: Timing, Branding and The YouTube Star

by davidbrier March 2, 2014 a rising above the noise exclusive

The Oscars is a fascinating study in branding. It is highly viewed worldwide (somewhere between 42 million viewers and 1 billion viewers, depending on who you listen to). Highly criticized (put under the microscope like few annual TV events). And highly leveraged by brands everywhere (one report put the gift bag that each attendee receives…

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Facebook's insane ads and what I did about it

What Facebook’s Stupid (and Irresistible) Ads Made Me Do

by davidbrier January 26, 2014 a rising above the noise exclusive

Ever notice Facebook’s impossible-to-ignore (yet often reminiscent of snake oil) ads seen on the right-hand side of your news feed? You know, the ones that promote everything from weight loss to growing your hair to thinning your waist to finding the perfect mate to making tens of thousands every month without ever leaving your bed?…

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YouTube channel update and David Brier

My YouTube 2013 Rewind: From Innovation to Becoming a Grandpa

by davidbrier December 10, 2013 a rising above the noise exclusive

2013 was the year of videos. From Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball to the viral “Girls Don’t Poop” PooPourri video (which has exceeded 20 million views), it’s the video that speaks loud and clear to today’s culture. Beyond the usual suspects you’ll find on YouTube’s annual Rewind, I compiled our own video highlights featuring: Becoming a grandpa…

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What is killing your brand? Finally the answers you want.

What’s Killing Your Brand? Live Q&A Session, Dec 4th

by davidbrier November 27, 2013 a rising above the noise exclusive

(If you’re in a rush, just scroll down and watch the video below.) It’s that time of the year to give thanks and to give back. Who Is This For? Frankly it’s painful to see superior companies and their brands outperformed by inferior products and services that simply have better branding and marketing. Obviously if…

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Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence

Weapons of Mass Instruction (in honor of Independence Day)

by davidbrier July 1, 2013 a rising above the noise exclusive

What Does Independence Day Mean to You? In a few days, we celebrate the 4th of July, our Declaration of Independence, a document that was written by a thirty-three-year-old by the name of Thomas Jefferson. This is a valuable document that has great significance in the world today. It signaled the independence of the thirteen…

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Daymond John of Shark Tank

Shark Tank Radar: A Shark, a Rabbi & a Cheesehead

by davidbrier June 21, 2013 a rising above the noise exclusive

Thursday, something magical happened. Some might say a miracle. I’ve written about Daymond John and Shark Tank  for Fast Company as well as here and here and here. I will tell you Daymond is cool, down-to-Earth and a truly nice person. Well, this past Thursday, Daymond was the keynote speaker for the The Minneapolis Urban…

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David Brier makes his Hollywood Premier

Live from Hollywood: The David Brier Interview on Branding

by davidbrier May 27, 2013 a rising above the noise exclusive

“What is branding?” is one of the most common questions I get asked. I will answer this and many more questions about marketing, standing out, getting heard, rising above the noise and gaining new customers this Thursday which you can hear live and raw, with nothing pre-recorded. Hollywood has “called” before with James Bond, Brad…

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Want to go in the ring with a prized fighter unprepared?

The Impossible Brand Formula (New Slideshare Presentation)

by davidbrier May 15, 2013 a rising above the noise exclusive

After being alerted this morning by Slideshare that my presentations have collectively been viewed over 459,000 times (with two more of those nearing the remarkable 100,000 landmark), I decided to do a celebratory dance in the form of a new Slideshare presentation. I took one of the most popular posts on Rising Above The Noise…

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Thumbnail image for Where to Steal Your Next Great Idea

Where to Steal Your Next Great Idea

by davidbrier December 5, 2012 a rising above the noise exclusive

Ideas are the currency of innovation. Artists (and creators of any sort) are in the business of taking ideas and mashing them together like a visual food processor to end up with something new, fresh, inspiring and… unexpected. Knowing When and Where to Steal I recently came across Austin Kleon’s New York Times best-selling book,…

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James Bond and David Brier: Fighting Evil for Good

The Ebook That Goes Head-to-head with James Bond

by davidbrier November 23, 2012 a rising above the noise exclusive

Daniel Craig is kicking ass as James Bond. In the 50-year franchise, the 23rd James Bond film Skyfall has become the highest grossing Bond film for the multi-billion-dollar franchise. This is the exact catalyst that brought this face-off between Daniel Craig and me to a head. (For the record, that’s Daniel Craig on the left…

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Obama and Romney: One olitical debate where you win

I’m David Brier and I Approve This Message

by davidbrier October 17, 2012 a rising above the noise exclusive

With the presidential election and political debates on everyone’s mind, this video message has a certain timeliness about it. Committees: Where Good Ideas Go To Get Slaughtered And yes, this video immortalizes something I actually said in public, “Committees — famous for vanilla outcomes, exhausting debates and mindless meetings — have destroyed more good ideas…

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Shark Tank Exclusive

Inside the Shark Tank With Daymond John

by davidbrier September 12, 2012 a rising above the noise exclusive

As a brand, I find Shark Tank at the top of its game. It’s a well choreographed enterprise that hasn’t lost its mission, focus or appeal. That’s why I first wrote “The Shark Tank Formula: 4 Steps To Owning A Room–And Making A Killing” in my Fast Company blog which Daymond John tweeted, “the best article…

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Daymond John, A Shark with Heart

Anatomy of a Shark: “A Daymond Is A Girl’s Best Friend”

by davidbrier July 18, 2012 a rising above the noise exclusive

Daymond John is the founder, president and chief executive officer of FUBU, a clothing company with product lines that include casual wear, sports wear, a suit collection, eyewear, belts, and shoes. Daymond is the only Shark on Shark Tank who adds some much-needed mojo to the hit TV show. Cuban is smart but a wild card.…

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