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What Helped This Napa Valley Rebel Break Tradition (and Triple Sales)?

by davidbrier July 22, 2014 start ups that won

To adhere to convention or to boldly go against tradition? That was the question facing this Napa Valley startup. Since their rebrand two years ago, Botanical Bakery has seen sales triple each year. That’s 3Xing of sales the first year after the rebrand and 3Xing that again the second year. Whoa. That killer sales trend is MORE>>>

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You’re Killing Me With Cliches [Music Video]

by davidbrier July 16, 2014 humor

Improvised and sung from the heart, this video will change how you see the world and how it sees you. I’d seen one too many people I care about victimized by mind-numbing cliches, tired taglines and empty pitches. After all, how many had to be hurt before anyone did something? Too many. It Wasn’t the MORE>>>

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Brand Transformation

9 Simple Ideas to Dramatically Transform Your Brand

by davidbrier July 10, 2014 Seen on Slideshare

Steve Jobs said, “A small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players.” The same is true of ideas: “A few A+ ideas can run circles around a giant team of B and C ideas.” How many B and C ideas are promoted daily? Per one report, MORE>>>

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Sometimes you have to grow a pear when branding

Coffee Buzz and Chocolate Gone Wild (and Why Real Men Don’t Drink Decaf)

by davidbrier June 29, 2014 design inspiration

It’s been said, “There are four basic food groups: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, really dark chocolate, and chocolate truffles.” Gulping Down the Entire History of the World? New York Times’ bestselling author Sarah Vowell wrote, “Just the other day, I was in my neighborhood Starbucks, waiting for the post office to open. I was enjoying MORE>>>

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Apple WWDC and the product they won't be talking about this year

The One Product Apple Won’t Unveil at This Week’s WWDC

by davidbrier June 3, 2014 humor

It’s Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conference. So when I heard a new language was being introduced, I had high hopes. I figured it was divine intervention. But those hopes were short-lived. It seems this year’s focus is on software, not hardware. Did This Apple Fall That Far from the Tree? Adam and Eve aside, MORE>>>

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Branding and Naming

Hello, My Name is… (You Really Won’t Believe What I Texted at 4:17am)

by davidbrier June 1, 2014 brand strategy

Seth Godin on naming: “Innovation involves making something that hasn’t been made before, and one way to signal that you’re doing something new is to give it a new name. But often, the new name gets in the way of people experiencing what you have to offer.” The other night, a friend (a fellow music MORE>>>

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The Lucky Brand free eBook

“Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?”

by davidbrier May 17, 2014 a rising above the noise exclusive

“I know what you’re thinking. ‘Did he fire six shots or only five?’ Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask MORE>>>

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Branding Nike Style

27 Years at Nike: “What I Learned about Branding”

by davidbrier May 6, 2014 case study

“Our job is to wake up the consumers. If we become predictable, that’s not waking them up.” Phil Knight, Nike founder How much of an advantage would working at Nike give you in future endeavors? How much more insight to grow a brand? Or create the next great startup? Over a more-than-25 year career at MORE>>>

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My selfie is different than Ellen DeGeners' on Oscar night

The Inadvertent Selfie

by davidbrier April 27, 2014 humor

Let me state this for the record: This selfie was not planned. Let me also state for the record: I do not smoke nor do I ride a motorbike. But I do do my own stunts. Comparing this to Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfie (an inevitable comparison that many will make), my selfie has no Hollywood MORE>>>

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Mexican Coke for Sale: A Study in Simple Brilliance

The Power of Words: Part 11 (Mexican Coke)

by davidbrier April 24, 2014 power of words

When they said, “See the guy in the back,” I wondered what the hell I had just gotten myself into…. A Little Coke Goes a Long Way Minding my own business, I was innocently walking down the street yesterday morning when I saw the above sign. I immediately popped out my iPhone and shot this MORE>>>

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Mad Men Finale Tells It Like It Is

At 1:53, this Mad Men star says what every client should know before hiring a branding expert

by davidbrier April 11, 2014 What is Branding

At 1:59, Peggy Olson of Mad Men rewrote the game: “If you can’t tell the difference between which part’s the idea and which part’s the execution of the idea, you’re of no use to me.” While Mad Men, in its final season, is keeping fans on the edge of their seats, no character has seen MORE>>>

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Slideshare awards David Brier another Top Presentation of the Day!

Branding is Like Teenage Sex (a @Slideshare Exclusive), Part II

by davidbrier March 25, 2014 Seen on Slideshare

Witness the emotional meltdown this guy experienced after witnessing this latest Slideshare presentation. The response on Slideshare and the Twitterverse to this newest post has been incredibly wild, going from “gross headline” to “best title of the year.” In just 24 hours, over 6,000 people gobbled up this newest presentation tweeting all variety of comments MORE>>>

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Teenage sex and the brand within

6 Ways Branding is Like Teenage Sex (a Slideshare Exclusive)

by davidbrier March 23, 2014 Seen on Slideshare

Some periods of life are better than others. As good as Hollywood makes teenage life look, those of us who survived it know that it’s hyped up much more than it actually is. So, in light of that, I created this new Slideshare presentation on branding from the viewpoint of someone who’s been there and MORE>>>

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Copyblogger, the Rock Star

Dear Copyblogger, This One’s For You

by davidbrier March 12, 2014 design inspiration

Through bloodshot and bleary eyes, he muttered, “Whoa dude. This is g-o-o-d stuff…” I’ll explain. We’re Just a Rock ‘n Roll Brand Being a subscriber to Copyblogger, I look forward to the articles they publish which are often insightful and thought-provoking. I am (and have been) a fan of Demian Farnworth since before he became MORE>>>

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Botanical Bakery video and YouTube insight

How Did This Rebranding Catapult Sales 900% in 24 Months?

by davidbrier March 10, 2014 brand leadership

“My doctor told me I had to stop throwing intimate dinners for four unless there are three other people.” Orson Welles “Cookie cutters are for baking, not branding.” Yours truly Food’s About Passion. So is Branding. In the below video, I unveil how I took a small company in Napa Valley producing a “traditional product” MORE>>>

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The Oscars and the brand

The Oscars: Timing, Branding and The YouTube Star

by davidbrier March 2, 2014 a rising above the noise exclusive

The Oscars is a fascinating study in branding. It is highly viewed worldwide (somewhere between 42 million viewers and 1 billion viewers, depending on who you listen to). Highly criticized (put under the microscope like few annual TV events). And highly leveraged by brands everywhere (one report put the gift bag that each attendee receives MORE>>>

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Coffee Thumbnails

3 Details Every Brand Must Apply to (Finally) Get Noticed

by davidbrier February 17, 2014 brand leadership

Found those words on the Internet this morning. How w-i-d-e is the gap between hard-won expertise vs. the hype-driven tactic-du-jour we each read about each and every day? It’s often not fully appreciated until it’s too late with a lot of money lost. Man… the pain and “wisdom scars” some CEOs and entrepreneurs carry around MORE>>>

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YouTUbe video on Typography shows the power of words

The Power of Words, Part 10 (After This Video, You May Never See Words The Same Again)

by davidbrier February 13, 2014 power of words

At 40 seconds, you’ll never see this word the same way again. At 1:21, you’ll see a lodge like you’ve never seen one before (without ever seeing a picture of the lodge). At 1:45, you’ll watch a word say more in one second than an entire wing of the Library of Congress. And the last MORE>>>

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Don't judge a man )or a farmer) by the size of his nuts

The Power of Words: Part 9 (When Size Does Matter)

by davidbrier February 9, 2014 power of words

(This is the 9th installment in celebration of the power of words and language. To see the whole series, links are at the bottom of this article.) I stopped in my tracks. I. Couldn’t. Move. Of all places, it happened in my local health food store. I saw a package and, being an avid package MORE>>>

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The Best one-liner in the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl Ads: The Best One-liner of the Game?

by davidbrier February 3, 2014 strategy

Was this the best one-liner of the night? Last week, I was quoted in answering, “Is a Super Bowl ad really worth $4 million?” (Here is the full article.) But Sunday night something unexpected occurred: An “uncool” brand suddenly made a statement that made us laugh and take notice raising the question, “Did an MORE>>>

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Facebook's insane ads and what I did about it

What Facebook’s Stupid (and Irresistible) Ads Made Me Do

by davidbrier January 26, 2014 a rising above the noise exclusive

Ever notice Facebook’s impossible-to-ignore (yet often reminiscent of snake oil) ads seen on the right-hand side of your news feed? You know, the ones that promote everything from weight loss to growing your hair to thinning your waist to finding the perfect mate to making tens of thousands every month without ever leaving your bed? MORE>>>

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Short But Powerful (Like Some of My Closest Friends)

by davidbrier January 20, 2014 seen on fast company

Think of this as the Danny DeVito of blog posts (aka short but powerful). Friday of last week, Fast Company featured my newest Venn Diagrams of why we love certain brands (and why we hate others). If you haven’t read that article, this excerpt explains how it is meant to be used: Above we see MORE>>>

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How businesses will succeed

The Lesson in Economics That 80,000 Businesses Never Learned*

by davidbrier January 8, 2014 brand leadership

* Per one report, during the Startup Awards, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) shared the statistic of approximately 80,000 business startups failing annually. The Currency of Branding “Is it necessary?” is a question often asked when creating or improving anything in business. When innovating or challenging the status quo, it’s important to know MORE>>>

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Best Slideshare presentation of 2014

Slideshare’s Best Business Presentation of 2014?

by davidbrier December 31, 2013 inspiration

The audacity! The presumption of greatness! And it’s still the last day of 2013…. If you innovate, this new presentation is for you. If you do anything creative in business or life, this is for you. If you stray from the well-worn paths of predictable mediocrity, this is for you. A Blaze of Slideshare Glory MORE>>>

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